I live and work in my hometown of Brackettville, a humble place thirty miles east of the Texas-Mexico border at Acuña. My natural surroundings have been a guiding and grounding force since childhood, when I spent many solitary hours exploring the brushy pasture of my family’s livestock ranch.

Wild places and southwest Texas in particular continue to influence my artistic process and personal philosophy in evolving ways. Incorporating material and imagery from the landscape allows me to contextualize social, political, and philosophical themes with a grounding ecological framework.

 My creative pursuits span cooking with hyperlocal foraged ingredients to penning short form poetry and incorporating organic matter into drawings and sculpture. I consider my art practice a fluid and pervasive endeavor that informs every facet of my life. My goals are to remain active in building and refining a multidisciplinary body of work while increasing accessibility to art and artists’ resources in my hometown of Brackettville.

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